Does Google has accepted HTML5 completely?

Google is reacting slow but productively to the HTML5 tags with respect to their uses. So is really Google accepting HTML5?

Does Google has accepted HTML5 completely?

With the launch of HTML5, that actually changed the way we see to Web 2.0. It has some new tags with some ease-of-coding for developers to kick out most of our flash elements and change them purely into HTML5 tags. But what say if these are still not getting importance in SEO.
It is most less-shared-truth that HTML5 game changing tags are still not supported in many browsers, and no one needs any stats to know that a huge number of web surfers never updates their browser or once.

So does really ignored HTML5?

I have some references to show what exactly Google thinks about HTML5.
Google Web Designer logo
Google Web Designer Logo
Google itself created a tool specially for HTML5 and CSS3 animation, Google Web Designer. This tool is mainly aims to create advance HTML5 and CSS3 stuff to get in web. This tool I think promotes HTML5 it means Google is in.
Google Doodles also shout-out-loud that Google is also on the side of HTML5. On May 21, 2010 the 30th anniversary of PAC-MAN Google launched a Doodle for it. It was created on HTML5.

Experts Thinking

I am not a SEO expert but still it is closely related to HTML5 that's why I use to talk about it. If I look at some of the famous SEO experts' and most searched blogs, I will definitely find the answer so I searched out following famous blogs that are ranked high in search and used HTML5.

Mostly Expressed HTML5 Tags

Since many tags are productive in many senses, so the following are the mostly used HTML5 tags to date. Even the upper listed blogs even used these tags.
  • article: A independent block of content. Example: A post, a slide of slider.
  • section: A division of any block content. Use do divide the article into different sections.
  • header: The headings and other header content of any blog or content.
  • footer: A footer part of any blog or block of content.

Final Words

With the evolution of web, Google has moulded its algorithm and indexing of content accordingly. I read somewhere that Google is not reacting too much on indexing is because HTML5 tags are not widely used or been used wrongly.
It will take time but I know the days are not so far that every web will have HTML5 tags and flash will be totally out of date. Since then happy coding :P.