Top 5 reasons your blog is not gaining views/traffic

With these 5 most top reasons your blog might not growing up well because Responsive design, SEO, link building and technique like listing to search engine might not be considered.

Top 5 reasons your blog is not gaining views/traffic

Since I start blogging, till 6 to 7 month I was not aware about some of the major factors on which actually our blog content should float, because there are some of the factors that makes a new blog successful. I've been gone through these process that helped me alot to gain traffic.
However, blogger should be very positive with its content and its blog design that aids in positive change in views and readers' reaction. So have a look below.

Content is king

Uni truth is that your content should be enough unique that makes your blog more readable, because there are more than 550 million blogs today. The major reason behind this is that every person have a right to share and today everyone has a story, so make sure that your content should be enough unique to attract as much visitors as you can.
With the help of the info-graphics, it is easy to say that in 550 million blogs, how much it is difficult to make your single survive.
The info-graphics shows the current numbers of blogs present today
Further you can improve your blog content by using tools provided by the service you are using like headings, listings, block-quote etc.

List your blog to top search engines

Currently Google is the most using search engine with the market share of 68.69% (in June 2014). If your blog is not submitted to top search engines through which daily billions of queries are been searched. All the keyword queries, that meets with your blog content will show up on top.
The below info-graphics shows the market share of search engine in June 2014
This infographics tell about the top search engine share (mean of search queries) of June 2014
Addition, let me tell you that Blogger users do not have to submit their blogs to Google because after creation of a blog through Blogger, it is automatically registered to Web-masters tool and its blog is listed their.

SEO must be considered 

As I mentioned above, through the search query a search engine shows he web-pages. If your content is more searchable is search engines, then your blog will be visited more. The top technique to make your content more searchable is to use the keywords that are more in demand, for this use Google Adword.

DO NOT under estimate the power of mobile users

Today, increasing demand of smartphones and tablets has increased, because of which the internet is more accessible in smart devices. So make sure that your blog design is responsive and quite attractive. But make sure that you use correct mark-ups because now Google warns users that the site is or not optimized for your device (in smart phones).

Make strong connections

Making of professional friends or making positive attractions in online communities will make you more prominent in web communities through which many visitors will be redirected to your sites via your connections. Secondly, you can make neighbours to which you can exchange your links for more better rankings and page views.