Samsung Galaxy S8+ Dark notifications and other overlays

This is an overlay thread...If you have any safe overlays you found works nicely with the phone. You can upload it...with a picture. You can install the overlays and apps found in this thread without root and can modify your system to have dark notifications, different nav bar icons, different nav bar height..etc these are very small like Kb's in size so it's lightweight also..please hit the thanks button there is a lot of work in these files..

Note for black notifactions download both files.. TAKE A SCREEN SHOT when you install these overlays in case you dont want it because these apps have various names installed

Thanks to clck for a ton of work and help...

Attached Files
File Type: apk AlwaysOnNoHomeButton.apk
File Type: apk AsopNavbarwpress.apk
File Type: apk Blackframework.apk
File Type: apk BlacknotifactionsOnly.apk 
File Type: apk PixelNavbarwpress.apk
File Type: apk NavBarHeight30.apk
File Type: apk NavBarHeight32.apk
File Type: apk NavBarHeight35.apk