[THEME] Dark/Black Default (black2 update) S8+

 Hi, by touring this thread I saw a couple of conversations that you guys want a Dark theme that doesn't compromise on anything like icons, stock colors etcetera, so I edited my S8 dark theme from S7 edge thread and make a version for this device.

It's just a basic theme with the main purpose is to make light backgrounds to dark.
Like stock each system app have their own Primary color to them, so expect the Phone app to be Green, Messaging App to be Yellow-orange, Settings App to be blue and so on which you cannot find on any theme from the store

Installation (No root)
 1. Enable Developer options in Settings (About device > Software info > press on Build number 7 times or more). Now it should
be visible in the Settings Menu.

2. Download and install the theme. Open the theme store and apply the theme (FREE TRIAL).

3. Close the store, then head to Developer options > Running services > find both Themes/Samsung Themes and STOP BOTH.

4. Go back to Settings > Apps > Samsung Themes > Storage > CLEAR BOTH DATA & CACHE.

That's it. The theme is applied permanently and there is no need for a 3rd-party app like PDP.
Note: The theme will still be applied even after you restart your device, just don't open the Theme store and make sure its services aren't present in Running Services.

Attached Files
File Type: apk GalaxyS8_Dark.apk
File Type: apk GalaxyS8_Dark_darknotif.apk
File Type: apk GalaxyS8_Dark_update.apk
File Type: apk GalaxyS8_Dark_update_darknotif.apk
File Type: apk GalaxyS8_BLACK_darknotif.apk
File Type: apk GalaxyS8_BLACK2_darknotif.apk
File Type: apk GalaxyS8_BLACK2_lightnotif.apk